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About Jessica

Are you ready to


  • Ditch the diet once and for all

  • Learn what foods work best for your body

  • Have increased energy

  • Lose some weight

  • Make your Health a priority 

  • Make lasting Health changes

My Story


Hi, I am Jessica Jernigan. I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach with more than seventeen years of experience as a Physician Assistant based in Nashville TN. I work with women to help them gain more energy, solve digestive issues, reduce inflammation and overcome obstacles that may be keeping them from being a higher version of themselves. I help them establish a clear vision of what healthy looks like for them because everyone has a different journey to health. As a medical professional, I have observed how lifestyle and eating habits can be a major factor in obesity and many other chronic diseases. I began to educate myself more about nutrition and how what we eat affects our health. I researched how to educate others on what small changes would most benefit them on their journey to becoming healthier. In 2015, I was faced with my own health challenge when I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids which lead to severe anemia. I had difficulty mentally, spiritually, and physically because of the fibroids. The side effects from the treatments of anemia prompted me to research changes that I could make to help improve my health. I learned I could improve my condition by changing my nutrition and food choices. I learned more about increasing my energy and supporting my body’s detox pathways. This journey prompted me to further my education and become a Certified Holistic Health Coach. In 2017, I enrolled in the HeaIth Coach Institute. I learned that my test could be a testimony to help empower others to begin their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

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