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“Jessica provides inspiration and encouragement for her clients” 



Karynthia Phillips, Founder of Echos of Hope

Nashville, Tennessee

"My time with Jessica was quite beneficial to my process. I needed to talk with someone who was going to challenge my thinking and not just accept my very well thought out and practiced excuses.  Jessica had the knowledge to be able to challenge my "reasons" and to give me alternatives to the rut I had become stuck in. In talking with her I figured out what really motivates me to change, what resonated with me enough to actually change. Mine is the quality of my life. I didn't realize how hard I would work (or had worked in the past) to ensure that the physical, mental and spiritual quality of my life was the best it could be. I never put it together before because I did not have anyone to help me peel away the layers to get to the core of my motivation. It was wonderful to get to break through. I am confident that I now have to tools and have removed the obstacles so that I will be successful in my endeavors toward better health and weight."  

Cheryl G.

Nashville, Tennessee

"Jessica really helped transform my thoughts about how I view myself and my goals. Before we began, I had a negative mindset towards myself and food. She helped me escape the cycle of food guilt and learn to love myself at whatever stage I am in. Sometimes she was a therapist and a nutritionist! I lost a total of 10 pounds during her program, but I am going strong in my journey incorporating what I learned from her. What I gained the most was confidence in myself again. Thanks, Jessica for your sweet spirit, helpful advice, and ear to listen."

Iyanna B

Nashville, Tennessee

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